About Easybench

Based on its leadership in the cost optimization and investments over 30 years, the IAC consulting firm developed a unique benchmark web application to enhance the competitive edge of its customers: Easybench

Be more competitive

Be more competitive is the key concern for the whole company and requires an easy access to the economic information. Easybench is the best solution to share and capitalize economic data to build best practice that will drive the operational team decisions day by day.

Ease the benchmark

Based on ratios and charts, Easybench ease the benchmark of supplier’s competitiveness on different angles taking into account the purchased component cost drivers. Easybench ease the product design and improve the project profitability.

Your concerns

  • Access to component prices easily and quickly
  • Pre-cost reliably parts without consulting suppliers
  • Identity quickly purchasing productivity improvement
  • Compare easily the technologies costs and ease standardization
  • Get the raw premises cost increase impact on purchasing prices.

Our solution

  • Easybench, a powerful and multi-criteria search engine for component , process prices
  • Easybench, a powerful application to capitalize and share the technical and economic data to different teams (R&D, purchasing, projects etc.)
  • Easybench, a powerful application to quote quickly projects function of your component cost drivers and your actual supplier prices.
  • Easybench, a powerful application providing ratios (€/kg, €/m²) and charts to benchmark easily your product and technology families

About us

A proven experience for more than 30 years.

Inter Action Consultants (IAC) is an International Consulting firm of the first order within the domain of cost reduction and competitive improvement of products.

We are based in Paris, Munich and Chicago. Our teams are composed of multi-cultural engineers graduated from the most famous international universities. We support our customers (from the small innovative to the multinational company) all over the world.

First actor to use an analytical approach of the value, IAC uses today innovative tools, Easybench© for technical and economic benchmark, and RollingCost© © for the sourcing (RFI/RFQ, alternative sourcing)

We apply design and redesign to cost methodology to improve the competitiveness of our customers’ product, improve the perceived value and optimize the production cost during the whole product life cycle.

Optimizing the purchasing cost for more than 30 years, we built a huge market place database which allows to benchmark quickly purchasing prices, identify issues and productivity improvements, and finally take appropriate decisions and actions

New: Based on this experience, IAC implements for its customers RollingCost and Easybench.

Easybench : une recherche performante

Search easily

A powerful search engine

Easybench is a powerful multi-criteria search engine fully customizable to your business and products, that allows you to find quickly the best approach to make technical and economic analysis: search per project, raw material, process, supplier, function, …
The results are displayed as a exploitable list then graphically.

Capitalize and share

Share information inside your company

Easybench allows you to gather and share key economic data to improve the competitiveness of your company.

Easybench makes your R&D, purchasing or project teams aware of Design To Cost approach and eases the creation of best practices: component costs, yearly quantity, raw material cost, process, added value ratio or investment costs (molds, tools…)

Easybench : une ergonomie simple et efficace
Easybench : une ergonomie simple et efficace

Benchmark and analyze

Visual tools for technical and economic analysis.

Easybench provides charts and ratio (€/kg, €/m², €/w…) analysis in order to:

  • Identify potential savings in short terms and sourcing priorities
  • Compare componant costs between suppliers and countries
  • Analyse a supplier offer and define target costs
  • Benchmark easily selected vendors on different componants

Cost a part

Determine the cost of your components

With Easybench, you can quote your components and alternatives solutions without contacting ypir

With very few clicks and based on the closest technology or product prices, you can take into account the impact of quantities and main cost drivers to estimate the cost of your new components before starting the design.

Easybench : une ergonomie simple et efficace
Easybench : effective and simple ergonomics

An enhanced user experience



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